Dear Spanish Educators:

I invite you to view Spanish For All ( website. Spanish For All establish itself as an educational service in NYC for the advancement of Hispanic knowledge, and to advocate and worthy cause of promoting bilingual-bicultural education. The vision of Spanish For All is to promote the teaching of Spanish for social communication and friendship. SFA focuses on teaching Spanish as a second language at any level of the proficiency spectrum, as well as Spanish for Hispanics (heritage learners and bilinguals).

Spanish For All (SFA) recognizes the need for Hispanic Americans to be taught in their parents’ native tongue as an appreciation of their culture and teaching the whole student with a higher goal in mind: their future. The Bilingual & Bicultural courses are designed to strengthen the student’s core content knowledge in Spanish, as well as the history, culture and literature of their country of origin, in the hopes that the student becomes equally informed and proficient in English and Spanish. SFA honors the educated native-speaker. Spanish For All is here to give voice to the Hispanic/Latino community.

I ask for your support by recommending Spanish For All to those students who would benefit from additional tutoring to catch up, get ahead or to simply succeed in school and on national exams. SFA assists in the preparation (strategies and techniques) for scoring high on the Advance Placement (AP), SAT II in Spanish language and literature, as well as the National Spanish Examination or the Spanish National Honor Society exam. SFA professional tutors will facilitate students to do their own work and learn to interpret and apply the material, and to develop self-confidence in their Spanish learning. In addition, SFA will strive for a coordinated communication between the tutor and the student’s teacher, as to develop appropriate strategies for meeting the student’s Spanish needs.

I encourage the Spanish educator to become a member by signing up in SFA’s website homepage. Once a month, Spanish For All will organize an event at different venues called Los amigos. The informal conversations of Los amigos, potluck style with Hispanic dishes, will be solely in Spanish. Los amigos will serve as a forum for Spanish educators to share wonderful ideas and activities, discuss topics of interest as it relates to Spanish teaching, bilingual education and issues facing Hispanic Americans, or simply an opportunity to meet other Spanish teachers, socialize and practice our conversational skills.

I thank you in advance for referring students who may need additional Spanish support to SFA. I look forward to meeting you at one of the Los amigos events.


Marc L. Nash