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The vision of Spanish For All (SFA) is to break the language barrier and promote the teaching of Spanish for social communication and friendship. SFA will enable learners to do more than just recite a few words or phrases after years of Spanish study. The tone and pace of SFA is informal, holistic, progressive, and conversational real language, for real situations. The SFA program is organized around situations in which students are likely to find themselves in a Spanish speaking environment: going to a restaurant, exchanging money, describing people and things, going shopping, taking risks when expressing themselves in Spanish, and so forth. This method is known in the language profession as the Communicative Language Teaching in Context (Natural Approach).

Spanish For All program embraces the learning experiences proposed in the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning. SFA relies on the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Proficiency Guidelines:

  • Novice (low, mid, high)
  • Intermediate (low, mid, high)
  • Advanced (low, mid, high)
  • Superior (low, mid, high)

Spanish For All focuses on Spanish as a second language at any level of the proficiency spectrum, as well as Spanish for Hispanics (heritage learners and bilingual). SFA advocates and promotes Bilingual & Bicultural education and honors the educated-native-speaker. SFA recognizes the need for Hispanic Americans to also be taught in their parents’ native tongue as an appreciation of their culture and teaching the whole student with a higher goal in mind: their future. SFA is here to give voice to the Hispanic/Latino community.

Is Spanish For All right for you?

  • Great one-on-one sessions with a native Spanish teacher ~ profesor de español
  • Each lesson is tailored to the needs of the Spanish learner
  • Realistic conversations (create and understand real sentences from the start)
  • You choose the location, topic, pace, and time (including SKYPE)
  • Enhance the learner’s reading, writing, listening, speaking and cultural awareness using the latest trends of modern language instruction, whatever it takes!
  • Study it, speak it, polish it to enhance your level of proficiency in a friendly, relaxed setting
  • Teaching the language, is teaching the culture: SFA invites you to immerse in the culture communities in which Spanish is spoken
  • Watch and follow videos, movies, music, and cultural events on Youtube
  • Read Spanish newspapers, comic books, children's books and literature
  • Keep a journal (notebook) to see the progression of your writing
  • A resource for Spanish educators, heritage learners and native Spanish speakers at any level
  • Advocates for Bilingual & Bicultural education as a worthy cost