Giving to Spanish For All (SFA)

Your kind gift and generous financial support and patronage, no matter how small, will help Spanish For All establish itself as an educational service in NYC for the advancement of Hispanic knowledge, and to advocate and worthy cause of promoting bilingual-bicultural education. The vision of Spanish For All is to promote the teaching of Spanish for social communication and friendship. SFA focuses on teaching Spanish as a second language at any level of the proficiency spectrum, as well as Spanish for Hispanics (heritage learners and bilingual).

Spanish For All recognizes the need for Hispanic Americans to also be taught in their parents’ native tongue as an appreciation of their culture and teaching the whole student with a higher goal in mind: their future. The Bilingual & Bicultural courses are designed to strengthen the student’s core content knowledge in Spanish, as well as the history, culture and literature of their country of origin, in the hopes that the student becomes equally informed and proficient in English and Spanish. SFA honors the educated-native-speaker. SFA is here to give voice to the Hispanic/Latino community.

Besides the SFA vision above, your tax-exempt donation is also crucial to help Spanish For All in the following areas:

  • To increase bilingual instruction due to the immigrant influx since many of the current instructional environments do not address the educational needs of Hispanic students
  • To assist and guide Hispanics/Latinos to organizations that will help them graduate from high school, or obtain their GED, enter college and obtain employment
  • To recruit, obtain, and hire professionally trained and experienced Spanish instructors
  • As a resource for Spanish educators, heritage learners and native Spanish speakers
  • As a venue or a forum for Spanish educators to share ‘wonderful’ ideas and activities, discuss topics of interest as it relates to Spanish teaching and bilingual-bicultural education, and issues facing Hispanic Americans

Gifts can be made by check, money order, or credit card using the security of PayPal attached to the Spanish For All website. Please mail checks made payable to Spanish For All to the following address:

Spanish For All
PO Box 750032
Forest Hills, NY 11375-0032